(1977 photograph - before the nuclear family was enlarged)

The Thorn Family


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This website is presented in four categories. By entering our site you get our a summary of our life in New Zealand in the Introduction then Stuart's, photographs and advice for my grandchildren. The second column is the family genealogy, both ancestors and descendants on both Stuart and Shelagh's side. Then most importantly an abbreviated story of Shelagh and what was her craft.


From the left. Chelsea, Christine, Nicholas, Steven, Trevor, Jason, Alan

Christmas 2014

From the left:-: Vanessa, Nicholas, Steven. Anna, Heidi, Christine, Self, Shai, Kilila, Alan, Aston, Chelsea, Shawn.

Missing:- Is Shelagh, the Matriarch of the family, and Jason and his family of Emily and Jack

 You are cordially invited to browse this site, firstly for your own interest and secondly in the hope you will give us feed back so it can be improved and in the case of the genealogy maybe extended or corrected.