The Thorn Family

This branch was established in New Zealand in July 1971 at that time it consisted of

Stuart Bernard Thorn

Shelagh Mary Thorn (nee Oldham)

Trevor John Thorn

Christine Thorn.


It was established in Kawerau, North Island. At that time Stuart worked for the Tasman Pulp and Paper Company and Shelagh worked at Caxton's. Trevor and Christine initially attended Kawerau College, both later went onto Waikato University. Trevor to study Computer Science and Christine to train as a Teacher.

In 1975 the family moved to Buckland's Beach in Auckland, Stuart had accepted the position of Engineering Manager at General Foods, Mt Wellington. Whilst Shelagh worked as Accounts Clerk at Hill's Hoist also at Mt. Wellington.

Christine after qualifying as a teacher met and married Samuel Opie. They lived for a while at Tirohia, near Paeroa running a two teacher school before setting up a home at Waihi Beach.

Trevor on receiving his degree took up a position in Wellington with Dominion Breweries, later he worked for a Telecom. Whilst in Wellington Trevor lodged with the Familton's, he ultimately married their middle daughter Robyn.

Our first Grandchild was born to Robyn and Trevor in 1982, that was Allan.

The next one was Steven, born to Christine and Sam in 1983

To be followed nearly a year later by Jason, Robyn's second son in 1984.

Then came Nicholas, Christine and Sam's second child.

Last but not least was Chelsea our only grand daughter born to Trevor and Robyn in 1988

Whilst the family had been multiplying Stuart and Shelagh had moved to live first to Orakei in Auckland, then to Papatoetoe.

Both had also changed jobs. Shelagh went to King's Plumbing and Stuart was at Auckland University.

Stuart retired from his position of Deputy Registrar (Services) in 1992 and Shelagh also gave up work.

Both senior members of the Thorn clan then returned to live in Yorkshire, initially at Flamborough, a house purchased a few years earlier in preparation for retirement. Then to a new dream house at Beverley. Life was great we had a lovely Golden Retriever (Paddy) and were truly content and happy. But it was too good to be true and events contrived to spoil our happiness.

It was whilst living there that two events took place which adversely affected the family. Trevor tragically died and Christine's marriage to Sam broke up, later to end in divorce

So in 2002 Shelagh and Stuart returned to live in New Zealand. Initially at Pyes Pa, Tauranga, then in 2005 at Bayswater Retirement Village, Mt. Maunganui.

Then on the 10th December 2011 in Tauranga Hospital, Shelagh was cruelly taken as a the result of an operation to fix a broken Femur that went wrong..

Stuart moved out of Bayswater and bought a small home in Bayfair Drive at the Mount, but he couldn't settle so again he sold up and returned to live in Beverley again.

The Christmas of 2012 Stuart had Christine, Nicholas and Vanessa to stay, that made him realise the house was too small, so he put it on the market and looked around for somewhere bigger. The problem was a house the would suit in Beverley was beyond his financial resources, so heI opted to return to live in New Zealand.

First idea was to live in Katikati which is near to Christine's but  couldn't find a suitable place to buy, so extended his search into Tauranga and managed to find a nice place in Greerton.

He bought it, and moved in at the end of April 2014. Then found a dog that wanted re-homing, his name is Lucky, a four year old black Labrador cross. He spends every hour not eating in the garage guarding the car.

Since Shelagh's death the family has grown by Steven's marriage to Anna, Chelsea's marriage to Shawn and four Great Grandchildren. Great Grandson, Aston who was born in 2012, then Great Granddaughter Kalila born in 2014 both to Alan and Shai, and September 2014 Heidi to Steven and Anna then Jack to Jason and Emily.

The next great event will hopefully be Nicholas and Vanessa's marriage

What happens next remains in the hands of God. It is now over four years since Shelagh was taken. Stuart is no more reconciled to her loss than he was on the 10th December 2011. To write that her loss was devastating is the understatement of all time.