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Shelagh was born in Kirkstall, Leeds, on the 7th August 1931, and lived and worked there until she met Stuart, then after they got married she lived in the Fareham area, until moving to Singapore and then onto New Zealand. Where she died in Tauranga Hospital on the 10th December 2011 at 0915

Ever since she could walk (or there abouts) she knitted. Garments have been in many exhibitions and shows, including the Benson and Hedges Fashion Show. Whilst living in Flamborough, Shelagh took the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification in her craft and so studied for and was successful in gaining her City and Guilds.

On leaving school Shelagh went to the Felt and Tarrant Comptometer School and after qualifying initially worked for a firm of Chartered Accountants. Since then whilst working in paid employment it has been in the Wages and Accounts Section.

Whilst Shelagh's health hadn't been the best for many years, largely as a result of Asbestosis, initially, then having a heart attack which required two stents to be fitted, a new problem was back pain which was more troublesome than either other problems. A requirement for the two previous problems was to exercise, the trouble was the last problem precluded that.

Whenever she could, Shelagh at attended her Spinning and Weaving Guild, and Church, and additionally supported Stuart in his activities.

Shelagh died as the result of a fall in the course of which she broke her right femur. It was whilst on the operating table that things went badly wrong. Shelagh went into a coma and died the next morning with Stuart, Christine and Steven in attendance.